Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things You Shouldn't Do When You're Overweight

I have to wonder what people are thinking when they do things that they do, especially when overweight. These are not anything to criticize, but simple things you would think would be self explanatory.

  • - Do not put your hand into a jar!  The worst mistake ever!  Then you are caught with your hand in it.  The hard part is getting your hand back.
  • - God almighty, don't try to squeeze yourself through a basement window!  Yes, I have seen this happened before.  To my aunt, no less.  She thought she could fit through the basement window to prove that she could escape through it.  It turned into a scene with the family along with Fire and Rescue.  It got worse when they decided to smear butter and oil all over her middle to see if they could slide her out.
    • - Be careful of your surroundings.  You have more baggage to take care of.  One wrong step and you might send a friends precious vase crashing to the floor.
      • - Do not get upset with kids for the position you have put yourself into.  They don't know any better, and if they call out that you're fat it's probably something they learned from a parent, so they were repeating something that was said in front of them.
        • - Don't force a ring onto your finger.  If it doesn't fit then it will never fit again unless you shed some pounds or have it re-sized.  The horrible thing about getting it re-sized is that you will not be given the opportunity to shrink it back down.

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