Saturday, April 16, 2011

The truth about dieting

For some of those that might not understand us yo-yo dieters, I come to tell you that it's a hard thing for us to give up food. There are many reasons that trail behind eating things that we really shouldn't be eating. It's an array of reasons that could be the culprit. Anywhere from health to psychological to no control.

The biggest thing that is hard for me as I try to shed weight I have kept on since my pregnancy is when I am told I have no willpower. If I didn't have willpower I would have never quit smoking some years ago and gave up pop during my pregnancy for fear of what caffeine might do to the baby growing inside of me. I'm tired of that line, and I don't believe the people that say it to me realize how bad that can make me feel.

Yes, I love food. Yes, I have not shed the baby weight. Yes, I get depressed during the winter months with no sun. It's me. I have not changed in thirty years. I don't think I'll change now.

I do know they think they are helping me, but I've asked them to please stop saying that. It's a constant battle with myself each day, let alone you degrading my efforts and telling me where I am failing at.

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