Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Bike - Schwinn Women's Clear Creek

So, I did it.  I went out and spent a little extra to buy me a decent bike.  My previous bike was a cheap K-Mart bike.  It wasn't very comfortable, seeing as it was a mountain bike.  I was constantly bending over, which was really giving me a backache.  I had done some search online and found that Schwinn 26" Women's Clear Creek - Plum was what was branched under as a comfort bike, something perfect for urban, non-hilly areas.  Boy, is it ever comfortable.  I sit up straight, since the handle bars are higher than the seat.  My husband even commented about how much better my posture was.  I love it!

I've taken the bike out two days in a row.  Talk about a burn!  I've been going non-stop for twenty minutes, which is a record for me.  On my previous bike I went ten before I was stopping to give my back a rest.  Now it's not my back that hurts, but my thighs that BURN!  Talk about a huge difference.  I'm so glad I made this purchase.  Sure, it was nearly $200, but it was well worth the extra money to get a really comfortable bike.

Now I think I have found me a hobby.  I loved bicycling as a kid, and I realized that I still love it, as long as I have a comfortable bike.  It's going to help me shed the pounds away!

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  1. I bought my Schwinn a year or so ago at Target. Paid mucho $$$ for it, but LOVE it. My son also has one he bought the same day and he loves it.

    Hope you get much miles on it and love it as much as I do mine!!