Monday, May 9, 2011

Love For Bicycling

I had forgotten how much fun it was to go for a bicycle ride. It brought back some childhood memories, and I tried to think why it was that I ever stopped.. I couldn't come up with a reason, except for afraid of being judged by people for enjoying a little perk such as that or afraid that people will say things to me as they pass by.

I've come to realize a couple of things. If people are going to judge you for enjoying something or make fun of you, they are not secure in their own lives to do what they want and not fall in with the rest of the crowd. The other thing I realize is that bike riding can be an adult sport just as much as a child sport.

Honestly, I've always been very self conscious of myself. I remember all the times I was made fun of when I was a kid for being chunky. I wasn't even fat, but it's those little things that stuck with me over the years and has made me very self conscious of what others think.

The other day I dropped off my daughter at school I was speaking to one of the woman I've become good friends with. She's very athletic. If she isn't at the gym, she's out for a run. It's no joke for her. She runs about ten miles each day. She's real healthy and skinny. We were discussing how healthy she is, and she informed me that her childhood she got made fun of a lot for being slightly overweight. It was in her late high school days she started to run. But, she told me something that made me think I shouldn't let people bother me. She said she's still self conscious, and even when she's out running now people will yell things out to her, call her fat and other things. She said it really bothers her, and she will go home and have to tell her husband just to get it off of her chest and not let it eat at her. That's when I realized that no matter what size you are that there is always going to be someone that ridicules you. It's how you handle it and continue on.

Be strong. That's my new motto.


  1. I used to love riding my bike when I was a kid. A few years ago I bought a bike and started riding again. I LOVED IT!! Like you, I was worried about not being able to do it. But, it was like I'd never stopped. I wouldn't care what anyone thinks/says, I love it to much to ever let hateful comments stop me from riding. Thankfully though, I've never heard anyone say anything negative about me riding.

  2. It's nice to pick up something you've done in your childhood and feel like you never stopped. I'm looking into purchasing a new bike though. The current one is like ten years old. XD