Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flu Season - Oh how I hate you

Flu has been hitting my house, yet again this winter. I think my household has been getting sick every two weeks. Well, my daughter mainly. She was throwing up again this weekend, and I was trying my best to comfort her while praying that I don't get it as well. For one, we leave for Florida come this Wednesday. I've been busy shopping and trying to get our things put together, but it's hard when you have a little pukey one crying for their mom. I did manage to get some things yesterday, mainly for her. I bought her a new pair of Crocs. Her old ones no longer fit her, and I do love Crocs. They are very comfortable, and they work great to wear out in the sand and water. So, I must apologize now if my blog and updates are far and few between for the next couple of weeks, but I will most likely be lying out in the sun, catching some rays.

Anyway, still going at my weight loss goals. I've been getting a lot of compliments about how I look. The problem is that my scale has not changed. After I told my husband that he blatantly says, "I don't give a shit what the scale says. I can see a huge difference." Alrighty...I believe you. It's still hard when you work out 6 days a week to step on it and see no change though. It's very discouraging, and it's a huge reason I try not to even go on the scale. I keep telling myself I'm working out, watching what I'm eating...that's all that matters. I know from Chalene's videos that she even detests to the same thing. She is always talking about not going on the scale too much. She said her body weight should put her above average, but as she says it's a lot of muscle mass too. That's what I keep telling myself. I'm building muscle from all the working out that I've been doing.

I've also been using Shakeology once a day. I love this stuff! It feels me up for majority of the morning. I don't even feel the need to eat a huge snack, which is awesome. I've noticed that my hair is a lot healthier now. I had the problem of my hair falling out after my pregnancy. It was ten to fifteen strands a day, but it's nowhere near that anymore. I think my body was lacking some sort of nutrient that I'm getting from the shake now. Also, I've noticed after I drink my shake - like I did this morning - when I am sick that I don't feel as bad as I did prior. I'm thinking it's the vitamins that are packed into it. I immediately feel so much better. Right now my head has cleared up a lot as I've seemed to grabbed a head cold or something. Also, working out clears me up too, so never think you shouldn't workout because you're feeling sick. I promise that working out will help push that sickness right out of you!!

Also, Energy and Endurance Pre-Workout Formula. This is amazing stuff as I have a problem sometimes getting my energy up during workouts, and I find I might be a bit sluggish during, but not when I drink this stuff. It gives me a nice boost of energy during my workouts, and I PUSH that much harder during it! I get that from Team Beachbody shop section. You click on Nutrition and Supplements, and it is under the Best Sellers section. Amazing stuff this is! If you need that boost of energy. It's sooo worth trying it!

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