Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's Your WHY?

I got my Fitbit in yesterday. It took some time to really get it going. I had to download a driver from the site, which I didn't know at first. Anyway, it's all squared away now, and it has been tracking all my steps, stairs, calories burned, and my sleep pattern. It's pretty darn cool! I guess my sleep pattern is fairly good. I got a 99% effective sleep pattern when I woke up this morning, so that's good to know.

I used Instagram to post up a picture of my calories burned so far today from my Fitbit, along with my overall weight loss goal. I love Instagram. It's my newest addiction on my iPod. Chalene Johnson was the one that introduced it to me. I didn't even know it existed!

Here's the photos I've put up for Chalene's fitness photo challenge, by the way. I mentioned it to you in my last post. If anyone would like to join in on this 30 day challenge she says to do so at any time.

This is for Day 1 of the challenge. She wanted a photo of you, so at the end of 30 days you can show your before and after, but I decided to show the difference already since I began my TurboFire workout.

This is for Day 2 of the challenge. She wanted a photo of something you ate healthy for lunch. I happened to have a chef salad that day. It was delicious too!

This is for Day 3 of the challenge. She asked for something to show that days workout, so I got a picture of the workout I was doing for that day and took a few fun pictures with it.

This is Day 4 challenge, which she asked to show pounds to lose. As you can see I want to lose 150 pounds in total. I've already accomplished 33 pounds of that, so I have about 120 to go. I'm pretty focused on doing this. I'm hoping I'll lose five more pounds by the end of the month, since we are heading out to Florida for vacation then.

So, I wonder what everyone's reason is for wanting to lose weight. Is it for family? To become healthier? For yourself? So you can run around and play with your little one without getting out of breath? Or maybe it's a health reason? Did your doctor tell you that you are borderline diabetic or something of that nature? Everyone has a reason WHY. What is your reason WHY?

Let me share you my reason WHY. I have quite a few reasons, and these are things that I open up to share with you about. Some of them are something that I don't speak to people about because they are scary, and I find that I pushed them aside in hopes of them just..disappearing.

Here's my WHY list:

1. To be able to play with my daughter without huffing and puffing.
2. To take the weight off of my knees that have spurs in them due to a really bad car accident about ten years ago.
3. To look good in a bathing suit for the first time in a long time.
4. To fight the effects of cancer, diabetes, and many other health troubles that were hitting me. The first one wasn't cancer, but this is one I don't share with people too much. A couple summers back they found a mass on my left breast. It had to be removed, so now one is slightly smaller than the other. It was the scariest thing that happened to me, and it was after it came back as malignant that I broke down and cried over what I was doing to my body. I began investigating eating organic vegetables and cut out meat. I now have brought meat back into my diet, but I don't eat red meat too much.
5. To feel good about myself, and I already am feeling so proud of myself. The accomplishments I have made since September. My weight has dropped 33 pounds. I can get through my workouts almost without stopping at all. Also, I've noticed my knees are starting to hurt a lot less than they used to.
6. To finally get knee surgery. The doctors didn't want to do it until I dropped some of the weight.
7. To teach and show others that with weight loss and exercise that life can be so much better!

That's my WHY. I'm curious to know what your WHY is. Share it with me! Post in comments or send me an email, I don't mind. I like to hear from people and try to help them push towards their fitness goals.

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