Thursday, February 9, 2012

Effectiveness of Energy and Endurance, Also Chalene's Fitness Photo Challenge!

I received the Energy and Endurance pre-workout formula from Beachbody a few days ago. Yesterday was the first day I used it. I'm not too fond of the tart flavor, but Chalene Johnson's sister posted up on her Facebook that it tastes better with Crystal Light Lemonade flavor. I'm going to give that a try and see how it goes. I don't plan on giving it up though. It gave me a wonderful boost of energy before my workout, and I don't shake from it. I burned hardcore calories during my workouts yesterday and today. I was sweating buckets, no joke - that's how hard I went. So, yes, E&E is the perfect formula if you need a boost of energy or don't feel your workout needs more strength behind it.

On that note, I have to tell you - it's so, so, so important you don't workout when you are hungry. I thought I'd be fine to get my workout out of the way while dinner was cooking, but during my workout all I could smell was my pork roast slowly cooking in my George Foreman roaster. To say the least, my stomach growled through my whole workout then I felt sick when I finally finished. I think it messed up my energy level too. Well, you live and learn a little. This working out and eating right is a whole new playing field for me, but I haven't given up since September, and I don't plan on doing it anytime soon either.

Also, for those that might be interested, Chalene is having a Fitness Photo Challenge using Instagram. It's a cute and 30 day challenge to post up what she has for each day. For instance, Day 1 would be a picture of yourself that you would post on Facebook or Twitter, and Day 2 would be a picture of something healthy you ate for lunch. It's going to be tons of fun! I encourage all to join to get themselves motivated for 30 days.

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