Sunday, January 22, 2012

Willpower - Do Not Fail Me Now

Today is my husband's birthday! Of course, his family wants to go to Chinese then come back to their place for cake. Oh, how I cringe!! Not am I going to have not one crutch placed in front of me, but two. The Chinese I can manage. I can stick with soup or find an all vegetable meal, but cake..*headdesk* Why can't people have a nice array of fruit for special occasions? That's what I'm going to tell them all I want for my birthday - a bowl of fruit!

Speaking of willpower, my husband went shopping Friday at Sam's Club. I can't send the man shopping. As I have said before he is a twig and eats anything he wants! Well, he returns with one of those big tubs of chocolate donuts. I could have killed him! Why did he need to buy that junk and set it on the counter for me to ogle over? So, I told him he is no longer allowed to buy that. It is far too tempting for me. I don't need someone helping me with my temptations. I need help alleviating them.

Well, that was my complaint for the day. It is his birthday, so I won't be too mad at him for bringing junk in the house, but next time it's going to be war!

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