Sunday, January 22, 2012

Portion Control

I did really well at dinner tonight. I ate a grilled chicken and veggies dish at the Chinese restaurant. I drank some hot tea and lots of water. My willpower was good, until they brought out the cake and a piece landed in front of me. I was going to deny myself the pleasure, but it was a sliver, which I'm glad they were at least thinking of me in that respect. So...yes..I ate it!! I don't feel bad for it as I know tomorrow I'm going to be extra good. Nobody is perfect when it comes to health and fitness, but as long as we learn and grow from what we've done then that's good. Plus, I don't like to deny myself something in fear of dying to eat it the next day, so if I really do want a piece of cake or whatever junk it is I allow myself a small portion of it - very small portion!

I did my Abs 10 class tonight, which is a Turbo Fire product by Chalene Johnson. It can be ordered here if anyone is interested. It's an amazing workout video! I can't even say it enough the wonderful impression Chalene has placed of herself in these videos. She's such a wonderful motivator. She will make anyone feel like they can do anything.

I look forward to tomorrow. It's my first day with a new preschool class. I love the little tykes! They are so much fun and say the darnedest things! I'm going to make sure to pack myself a healthy lunch too. I'll make up a salad then toss in a chopped up banana on the side for a snack. I keep water with me at work to drink throughout my day. The kids keep me so busy that I forget about food for the few hours I am there.

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