Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pregnancy Fallback

Interesting enough I found out a few weeks ago that I am pregnant, almost twelve weeks to be exact, so I haven't even been posting on my blog. I've been sick with morning sickness and extremely tired. I haven't even worked out in about three weeks. I'm hoping to pick that up real soon here. I don't want to lose all that hard work. However, I want to be safe about it too. My doctor gave me the okay to continue, but recommended that I ease back into it since I haven't been doing it for a few weeks. Plus, being sick can make anyone weak. I lost almost fifteen pounds in the last few weeks from it all, but I have finally begun to feel a whole lot better.

So, while I feel I have fallen back on everything I am very excited and happy to have a little one coming along. My seven year old daughter will love to have a sibling. She's been asking for a brother or sister for a few years now. When we told her I'd never seen her so excited. She's a very reserved little girl and shy, but she was bouncing all around the house hootin' and hollerin'. It was really cute. Not to mention the kiss she gives my belly every morning along with her telling it good morning, as well as doing the same routine at night before she goes to bed.

Anyway, I'm very happy, hope not to gain too much weight in the process. Then I hope to soon get back to working out. I miss my daily workouts. They made me feel so much better, and I promise to keep everyone posted on how the pregnancy workouts are coming well as how they make me feel. If I find anything that seems to be most comfortable or enjoyable I'll pass that along as well.

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