Monday, February 6, 2012

Great Accomplishments Come with Great Gifts

I had a great weekend! Because of all my hard work and efforts in working out for the last 20 weeks my husband brought me an iPod Touch. Woo! Love you, hubby! He knows I had been wanting one to become more organized and type down what I eat when I'm not at home, so I was super excited when I got it. However, he told my little one it was for both of us, so guess who has been playing with it more? Yup, she's been downloading all sorts of free games. I think before the years over she'll probably assume it is hers.

So, I was making my Shakeology drink this morning and decided to play with the camera on it.

The images aren't the best, but I think it does a good job when you are in a pinch. Also, Ninja is the best thing I could have gotten for Christmas. That blender speeds right through everything. My old blender took like 5 minutes to blend the ice. The Ninja takes like...30 seconds. I love, love, love it! Seriously, if any husband's out there have a wife that uses her blender a lot, I highly recommend this product. Even men that make a lot of shakes and things out of their blenders, if your blender takes forever, check out Ninja. I couldn't be happier with it. I have used it every single day to mix or chop things up. Also, it's dishwasher safe, which is a major bonus in my eyes. I hate doing dishes. My old blender was hard to clean because it was so big, and I had to take so many pieces apart.

Here is the finished product. My thirty seconds of blending brought me about a smooth product and absolutely no ice chunks. I couldn't be happier. I gotta say thanks to my brother-in-law, Robert, for getting me that one. He's always buying us girls in the family awesome presents. He has some maaaajor brownie points.

But, that's not the only thing that's a great gift. It's the sense of self accomplishment! To know I've gone 20 weeks of doing workouts for 6 days a week...that's impressive for me! I have never committed myself to such a long goal, and I don't plan on giving up!

Also, I gotta tell ya...I should have gotten into a bet on the Superbowl game!! I would have definitely won some money! Gardner-White Furniture posted up a Facebook game to whoever got the correct score could win a $500 gift certificate, so I posted up Giants 21 and Patriots 17. Well, I won, but so did two other people. Of course, they drew our names. In the end -- I didn't win. I was so sad over it. I never win anything, and it would be my type of luck to lose in the final drawing. Bah humbug! Oh well, I don't like to complain about that stuff, not even if we always could use a little cash our way. It was still cool to know that I came really close to it, and a huge congrats to the lucky winner.

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