Saturday, January 21, 2012

On Top Of The World Feeling

You know what was the most amazing feeling today? When my daughter told me that her and dadda were very proud of me sticking to my workouts. They watched me workout today, which was also a bit of a motivator. I wish I could talk them both into working out with me. My husband won't budge, but I've got my daughter to join in a handful of times now or more. She's only 6, and she gets frustrated that she can't keep up after her first try, so I don't push her. I try to make it fun with her though and let her know she's doing a really great job.

I actually had been contemplating on purchasing a kids workout on Beachbody. There are a couple that they offer, but I think one is more for teenagers while the other is for toddlers. They are both by Shaun T. I asked her if she would workout to it if I bought it. Heck, I would even workout with her on them with her. Of course, after I've completed my own workouts.

Speaking of my own workout, today was such an awesome one! I was completely motivated, and I blasted through them. I was completely winded at the end of each HIIT workout. I did HIIT 20 and Sculpt 30. I wasn't winded in Sculpt 30, but my husband was watching and commenting on how tough it looked. He said he was sweating just watching me, which had me laughing. Then he told me it looked like someone dropped a bucket of water on me. Mind you, my husband is very thin. I always hated how he could eat all this junk food and not gain a pound. Anyway, back on topic. The Sculpt 30 was insane!! My shoulders were sooo sore! The resistance bands really do work, so if you think you need weights to do these workouts - NOPE! You can also purchase a great set of resistance bands on Beachbody. I love that site. They have everything for your fitness needs, as well as nutritional and motivational!

Now that I got those out of the way. I need to get motivated to go shopping for my husband's birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday to him!

Quote of the day: "Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, but only saps today of its strength." – A. J. Cronin

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