Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Lunch Menu

Today for lunch I went with something simple and didn't require too much time slaving over the oven. I made a fish sandwich. I piled on the lettuce and added only about a teaspoon of tarter sauce, so it wasn't too dry. The bun I used was the whole wheat thin buns by Sara Lee.

Then to have a little more vegetables to the mix I baked sweet potato fries. My daughter doesn't care for them, but I found an interesting combination the last time we went to Red Robin. They had a spicy ketchup that is amazing with sweet potato fries. Of course, I don't know the ingredients to it, so it isn't identical to theirs, but I just tossed some pepper into the ketchup to give it a little spicy kick. It works and adds a little splash of flavor to the fries.

It turned out to be really flavorful. My daughter even loved it, which is saying something. She is a really picky eater.

I'll put up another post a little later of what we had for dinner tonight.

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